The Sea
The Gulf of Policastro is wide, deep and safe. Even in the Summer the area is uncrowded and there are many beautiful places to visit within a short distance of the marina. The clear, turquoise water and the surrounding hills and mountains provide a wonderful environment in which to enjoy all boating activities.

Within a few kilometers of the marina you can be anchored and swimming in any one of many stunning bays or coves. The climate is mild all year round and it is hot and sunny in the summer. The sea is clear and warm and it is an ideal stretch of coastline for recreation and relaxation.

If you want to sail a little further there are many interesting towns and villages to visit along the coast, many of them with marinas. Heading north there is the marina and town of Policastro and the picturesque fishing port of Scario.

Towards the headland you will come across the bay of Infreschi where you can moor up on a buoy and spend the day swimming and snorkeling. You can also stay here safely overnight too. Then the is the marina and pretty village of Camerota and eventually Palinuro where the water is some of the clearest you will come across.

Sailing south you will come to the famous and interesting port of Maratea with the town nestling in the hillside above you and the statue of Christ standing with his arms outstretched on the highest point. The coastline here is stunning and before reaching Maratea there are the villages of Acquafredda and Fiumicello and it is possible to anchor off the beach in both these places. In between there are many bays and inlets, all of which are ideal for anchoring with the water being deep right up to the coastline.